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If you have decided to divorce, you have already achieved a lot. Now there are still some things to be settled. As a divorce lawyer in Vienna, I am at your side, whether your claims have to be negotiated in the context of an amicable divorce or enforced in court.

Divorce proceedings not only present legal challenges, but also place a high emotional burden on you. Your divorce lawyer must therefore not only have legal expertise in family law, but also understand how stressful divorce proceedings can be for you.

We clarify opportunities and risks with you, in particular whether legal proceedings make sense for you, and prepare you for negotiations.

We also represent clients in proceedings that may be associated with divorce proceedings, such as custody maintenance or interim injunctions.

As your divorce lawyer in Vienna, I strive to resolve your conflict quickly and effectively, avoiding lengthy court proceedings and providing you with lasting results.


Divorce by mutual consent

Divorce by mutual consent is the most common divorce in practice in Austria. Around 80% of divorces are consensual. The divorce proceedings are initiated either by the joint divorce petition or in case of an agreement during the contested divorce proceedings. In order to be able to carry out the divorce by mutual consent, an agreement on custody, maintenance and the division of assets, among other things, is a prerequisite.

Divorce for other reasons

In order to proceed with this type of divorce, in addition to the breakdown of the marriage, there must be either mental illness, a mental disorder, or a contagious disease in one spouse.

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Disputed divorce

The contested divorce is initiated by means of a divorce petition. In this divorce, fault for the breakdown of the marital relationship must be proven in court. This means that proof of marital misconduct must be provided. According to the case law of the courts, this includes:

- Adultery
- Physical and psychological violence
- Quarrelsomeness or hysteria
- Neglect of household management
- Lack of love and interest
- Violation of alimony
- Malicious abandonment
-Constant sole leisure activities

Divorce due to dissolution of domestic partnership

This form of divorce is linked in particular to deadlines - For example, the domestic partnership of the spouses must have been terminated for at least three years and the marriage must be incurably broken.


Initial consultation

I offer an initial consultation for different phases of your relationship.

Pre-marriage counseling: Marriage means far-reaching legal obligations and implications that you should be aware of before you get married.

Before the separation: If a separation is imminent, but not yet pronounced, the course can still be set. A consideration of prerequisites and consequences takes place, in particular whether, when and how a divorce should be initiated.

In the case of divorce: If you are already facing a divorce request or divorce action, you will receive an explanation of the risks and opportunities as well as a concrete recommendation for action regarding your questions.

Consultation in case of divorce by mutual consent

According to your individual needs, I offer the establishment, the examination as well as the negotiation of the divorce agreement in case of an amicable divorce. In addition, I will gladly take over the coordination: filing of the petition as well as the scheduling of your divorce and accompaniment in court.

Strategic counseling before separation/divorce

Divorce proceedings require, above all, good preparation.

Therefore, I offer the evaluation of your situation already in the run-up to a divorce proceeding, in particular on the basis of the examination of your marital and economic circumstances as well as divorce-relevant documentation such as marriage certificate, marriage contracts and wills as well as other agreements. Based on this information, a strategy adapted to your needs will be worked out.

Representation in contested divorce

I offer you full representation. As a divorce lawyer I represent you already during the examination of possible divorce preconditions. After an evaluation of divorce preconditions, I work out the appropriate strategy, because the filing of the divorce petition or its defense is based on this strategy.

Consulting services:

- Evaluation of your chances and risks
- Development of a strategy
- Drafting of the divorce petition
- Representation in court

Accompanying procedures

Advice and representation in all proceedings that may accompany a divorce. This includes, for example, temporary injunctions as well as representation in matters of custody and contact rights, division and maintenance proceedings.


What is the cost of divorce?

The costs of divorce proceedings always depend on your individual case. Thus, there are already differences between an amicable divorce and a contested divorce. 

During my initial consultation, I will inform you about the expected costs of your divorce proceedings.

According to the circumstances of your case, I offer customized fee packages and different billing options.

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