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The specialty of our law firm is representation in all matters of family law. 

As a family law attorney, you need not only expertise but also tact and negotiating skills to ensure that the best possible and, above all, sustainable solution is worked out for you. 

We advise you in all matters of family law and support you in divorce, custody and contact rights, child and spousal support and property division. In addition, we draw up prenuptial agreements and support you with interim injunctions.


Services family law


We represent in all divorce proceedings. This concerns both the negotiation of your divorce agreement in the case of amicable divorce but also the representation in a contentious proceeding in court.

Distribution of assets

If the spouses are unable to reach an agreement on the division of marital property, the court must decide. We represent you in the enforcement of your claims and in post-marital division proceedings.

Custody and contact rights

Often the legal conditions have to be adapted to the actual situation. Thus, both a transfer of custody or adjustment of contacts may be necessary. We support you in all matters relating to the law of parent and child.

Prenuptial agreements

It often makes sense to be clear about one's assets before marriage. 

With a prenuptial agreement, you can create appropriate arrangements for the separation long before a possible divorce. This can avoid lengthy proceedings about the division of assets. Depending on your status, wee will draw up the appropriate agreement for you. This can be a marriage or partnership contract, separation or advance agreement.


Alimony can exist both during an existing marriage, after a divorce and in the relationship between parents and child. We support you in the calculation as well as in the enforcement of existing or the defense against unjustified maintenance claims.

Restraining orders

In certain cases, it is necessary to obtain a quick decision from the court. In the case of violence, psychoterror or stalking ,this is possible by applying for an injunction. The decision is issued in a simplified procedure so that you are quickly safe from threats.