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Your lawyer in Vienna for inheritance law and property succession

As a law firm, we specialize in inheritance law and provide comprehensive advice and representation in all related matters.

An early arrangement of the succession of assets can make sense and we are happy to support you in this process. We advise you on the preparation of contractual agreements to ensure that your asset succession is settled long before your death.


Our law firm offers comprehensive advice and representation in all matters of inheritance law. We support you in the preparation of testamentary dispositions such as wills or contracts of inheritance.

In addition, we assist you in probate proceedings and also act as your heirs' representative. Our services also include the enforcement of your claims to a compulsory portion in inheritance proceedings.

Services inheritance law

Advice to heirs, beneficiaries of compulsory portions and legatees

We advise you on all aspects of inheritance law.

Drawing up wills, inheritance contracts

Do you want to make secure arrangements for your succession? We will draw up your last will and testament in accordance with your wishes.

Representation in probate proceedings

We take care of the probate proceedings. As the heirs' representative, we draw up the list of assets and take care of the decision on the inheritance at court.

Assertion of and defense against claims to compulsory portions

Do you have a claim to a compulsory portion? We will be happy to support you in enforcing it.

Representation in inheritance proceedings in court

Do you need to enforce your inheritance claim in court or have you been sued? We will be happy to assist you in court.