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Real estate lawyer Mag. Jakob Weinrich

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Your lawyer for real estate law in Vienna.

Whether you are planning to buy an apartment or rent a house, I am your lawyer for real estate law in Vienna. My team supports you in all matters concerning real estate. Especially in their transfer, the ongoing use as well as in the enforcement of your interests - out of court or in court.

Services related to real estate law

Initial consultation

As part of our initial consultation, we can provide a prompt legal assessment of your matter, including a recommended course of action for how to proceed.

Contract review

Especially in the case of sales contracts, problems often arise after the signing date - However, most of them could be resolved in advance.

Therefore, before purchasing a property, you should carefully clarify issues and legal risks.

A contract review can clarify whether a contract puts you at a disadvantage. In particular, it can be discussed before signing whether promises and obligations actually correspond legally to what was agreed. 

It can also be precisely determined whether and which (land register) encumbrances exist or risks for financing arise.

When buying real estate, the contract usually includes not only the purchase agreement but also escrow documents, the condominium agreement and supplementary agreements - a purchase from developers in particular can be complex.

As part of our contract review, we support you even before the signing date: We review all documents so that you can conclude the contract with the best conscience.

Your lawyer for real estate law in Vienna.

Contract Establishment

For the transfer of apartments or real estate, in addition to the establishment and negotiation of conditions, we take care of the entire transaction:

We take over the trusteeship, coordinate the disbursement with the bank and carry out the release of encumbrances. Finally, we take care of the registration of the property and any collateral in the land register.

Condominium law

Often the consent of the other apartment owners is required - typical regulation points in condominium ownership arestructural changes, special use and usage regulations, the annual statement of accounts and cost allocation between apartment owners.

We support you in all matters of condominium law.

Rental and lease law

In landlord and tenant law, we advise landlords and tenants - typically on the drafting and review of contracts, assertion of rent claims, termination, filing of eviction suits, and defense against unjustified claims.

Representation before courts and authorities

Before courts and authorities we protect your interests or enforce them, e.g. in cases of disturbance of property and neighborly law matters or in proceedings according to the WEG.