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Processing fee credit agreement
Civil law

Processing fee for consumer loans inadmissible?

Anyone who has signed a loan agreement with a bank will be familiar with this issue. Ancillary fees in loan agreements. Ancillary fees, often referred to as processing fees, manipulation fees or collection fees, are often

Your rights in criminal proceedings
Criminal Law

Your rights in criminal proceedings

In criminal proceedings, the police and the public prosecutor's office often appear to be unequal opponents. However, you have rights in the various stages of criminal proceedings, the exercise of which plays an important role.

Divorce mistakes and errors

Divorce - mistakes and errors

Divorce often raises many questions. Although there are already different legal consequences between separation and divorce, they are mistakenly equated. Below you will find an overview

Inheritance law

Inheritance law - when it is better to make a will and what you should pay attention to when doing so

The decision to write a will often raises questions. However, some dismiss this idea on the grounds that the law regulates everything. But can you really be sure that the law accurately reflects your last will and testament? Family situations are diverse and life circumstances change. It is therefore particularly advisable to draw up a will to meet individual needs. Find out more about the importance of a will and how it can safeguard your wishes under inheritance law