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Fee / Legal fees

Effective legal representation requires clear and comprehensible legal fees. We attach great importance to transparency - we provide detailed information about the costs to be expected during the initial consultation. Our flexible billing models adapt to your needs, for fair and transparent fee solutions.


Initial consultation

In a personal initial consultation, we clarify your situation in detail, discuss possible courses of action and set goals together. Our initial consultations are carried out at a flat rate.


Hourly rates

If billing is based on an hourly rate, the costs are based on the actual time spent. In certain cases, an upper cost limit ("fee cap") can be agreed.

E.g. out-of-court consulting 

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Attorney tariff (RATG, AHK)

The fee is calculated on the basis of the value in dispute. It is possible to choose between billing according to individual services or the so-called "standard rate".

E.g. representation before courts and authorities

Flat fee

If it is possible to provide a cost estimate for your request in advance, we will be happy to provide you with a flat fee.

E.g. establishment of contracts

Legal expenses insurance

We cooperate with various legal expenses insurance companies. If you have such insurance, we will be happy to take care of the cover request and handle the direct settlement with your insurance company.