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Attorney at law Jakob Weinrich

Strong in court.

Strong before authorities.

Strong for you.

Strong litigation representation

Legal disputes can be of a wide variety of nature. Claims may arise directly from the law or from a concluded agreement.

Often disputes can also be settled out of court, therefore we take over your representation even before a lawsuit.

If an out-of-court solution is not possible, we will represent you before all Austrian courts and authorities. 

This includes both the obtaining of court titles and the defense against unjustified claims.

Within the scope of our initial consultation, opportunities and risks can be weighed up, in particular whether proceedings appear to make sense. 

We will prepare you for the trial and assist you in court.


Initial consultation

IIIn the initial consultation we clarify your position, chances and possible risks of a lawsuit. 

 Since a dispute in court is not always in theinterest of the parties, itcan also be examined whether alternative solutions, in particular out-of-court dispute resolution, are possible.

Representation in court

In the event of a lawsuit, I represent your interests in court. This includes the preparation of the case, the submission of pleadings as well as the representation in oral hearings.

We also represent you in more extensive appeal proceedings such as appeals, appeals on points of law, etc.

Collection and debt recovery

Your customer does not pay, although you have already provided your service? Payment defaults are probably one of the most unpleasant matters for entrepreneurs. 

We take over your dunning process and support you already before a court case, file a lawsuit and represent you in the execution proceedings.

Representation before authorities

In selected proceedings we also represent their interests before domestic authorities.


The costs of legal proceedings are generally based on the lawyer's tariff and the General Fee Criteria (RATG, AHK). The basis of assessment for the attorney's fee is the amount in dispute .